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Folkestone Family page

We are so proud our town is home to some excellent groups and businesses that specialise in working with families, parents and children. Whether it's guidance through a pregnancy or finding ways to entertain your toddlers.

This page has been set up to help you find out what Folkestone has to offer for young families.

The Fourth Trimester Independent Midwifery Care

Natasha Soliman & Sophie Franks We are your local independent midwives offering individualised antenatal, labour & birth and postnatal care to women and birthing people in Folkestone. We have extensive experience supporting women and families during their pregnancy, birth and postnatal journeys after each working in the NHS for a decade. We respect that women and birthing people are the ultimate decision makers in their care and that it is our role as midwives to provide care, guidance and advocacy. We can be the lead professional for your home birth or provide in-person advocacy and support for your hospital-based birth. Whatever your choice – we’ll support you. Our care packages focus on individualised and compassionate, evidence-based care without the time constraints or the ‘one size fits all’ approach that are frequently found in mainstream midwifery care. Care with us takes place in your own home, at a time that suits you. We work in partnership with you to ensure you have a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience. We offer:  one-off appointments (e.g. birth planning discussion, postnatal debrief)  birth planning discussions  active birth workshops  full antenatal, labour & birth & postnatal care

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On Solid Ground

Our ‘Mother Nurture’ course offers a welcoming, stimulating and safe space for you and your baby to take some time out, chat, get creative and make new friends. We'll explore feelings, boost creativity and self-esteem through: art making, meditation, movement and discussion. No experience required, just bring yourself and your little one. Mother Nurture is run by On Solid Ground, a multi-arts company led by 3 Folkestone-based mums and arts practitioners.

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Emma Dorban-Hall, Physiotherapist, Mummy MOT Practitioner

Find me at Physiologic in Hythe. I offer the Mummy MOT as well as a full range of the usual physiotherapy services. You can access the Mummy MOT from 6weeks post partum onwards, that can mean 20 years post partum! It is the post partum check you deserve to get you back to your usual activities again following the birth of your child and prevent pain and issues in the future.

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Svarupa Yoga

Svarupa Yoga offers Yoga practices specifically adapted to your needs for Health, Wellbeing and Transformation. Rupal offers a holistic, person-centred and non-judgmental approach to empower you to reach your health and wellbeing goals, offering Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga, Yoga for Birth as well as bespoke one-to-one Yoga Therapy sessions to restore balance physically and mentally. Rupal is a qualified BWY Yoga Teacher and CNHC Yoga Therapist with over 10 years of experience.

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My Little Pickle

My little pickle courses are designed to support and prepare parents to be for birth and the postnatal period. We want parents to feel informed, excited and empowered through their pregnancy, birth and post-natal period. The courses take elements from hypnobirthing, mindfulness and neuroscience to equip parents with the skills and knowledge to give them the best possible chance of a positive birth and postnatal period.

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Birth Positively

I'm Kelly, the founder of Birth Positively. Birth Positively offers birth preparation courses, which will provide you and your partner with evidence based, logical information to help you have a positive birth experience. You will feel empowered to make confident choices about the birth you want (even if you're not sure what that is yet!). Birth Positively has a course for everyone. From group and private Complete Hypnobirthing Courses to an Essentials Workshop and Positive Caesarean Workshop, plus more. We will look at all aspects of birth- from where to have your baby, the ways you can make your labour more comfortable and ultimately to finish the course feeling excited about giving birth and meeting your baby!

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Birth My Cub

I am Hollie, the founder of birthmycub and local Folkestone hypnobirthing teacher. I love teaching hypnobirthing...there really is no better job than helping to empower women and birth partners to feel prepared and excited about birth! My course is a complete birth education and toolkit for labour with super practical skills and tips to take away and use in pregnancy, birth and motherhood. All even more important for birthing in a pandemic! I teach both virtually and in person (121s).

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An Invitation to Play

A pop up toddler and preschoolers group operating from several popular Folkestone establishments. I'm Sarah a part-time primary school teacher specialising in Early Years and I plan and lead themed, open-ended play and crafting for the under 5's. Parents are invited to join in with their children and socialise in an inviting, relaxing space.

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Blue Kangaroo

Bumps to 6 Months: is for pregnant mums and parents with babies up to 6 months. It’s an informal session allowing parents to chat between themselves and gain friendly support. Baby Massage: a 5 week course where parents are taught how to confidently massage their baby. Paediatric 1 st Aid: shows parents and carers how to handle an accident or emergency involving a baby or child. Starting Solids: gives parents and care-givers up to date guidelines on starting solid food and confidence in how and when to introduce solids to your baby. Infant Sleep: gives current information on safe sleep guidelines and tips on how to improve a baby’s sleep

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Emma Deery

In Folkestone I run Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga classes, Mama Dance - a dance-based exercise class for mums who can bring their babies along and monthly in-person Motherhood Circles - a safe space to connect, share, relax & be nurtured (babes in arms welcome). In addition I offer online Holistic Motherhood Wellbeing Programmes and support mothers in their self-healing and wellbeing journeys. My mission is to help mothers heal from trauma and reclaim themselves in the swamps of motherhood. Facebook & Instagram: @emmadeerylifestyle

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Tiny Talk

TinyTalk offers baby signing classes, newborn communication workshops and toddler talking courses across the South East, with classes online and in-person at a variety of times to suit you. Support your child’s communication development before they can talk, at the same time as enjoying songs, stories and communication themed activities. With social time to chat with like-minded families and make friends, TinyTalk has a real community feel, offering an invaluable skill while everyone has fun! Come and see for yourself! or find us on Facebook or Insta: @TinyTalkKentDowns

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Folkestone's cloth nappy library.

Cloth nappy libraries are run by volunteers and give people the opportunity to try out cloth nappies and share knowledge

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Mama Meets

Twins Hollie and Laura run pregnancy relaxation evenings and pregnancy social events for mamas to be. We are passionate about connecting women with each other in pregnancy and the postnatal period. It is SO important to find your tribe! We launched 'Mama Meets' this summer and will be advertising events for pregnant women and mums with babies/pre schoolers as soon as we are allowed!

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Sleep Tight Baby

I am a fully qualified infant and child sleep consultant but more than that I am also a mummy myself. Our first little boy really struggled with sleep when he was younger and that meant that we all struggled with sleep deprivation. In Sleep tight Baby I pride myself in offering an unique, personalised service. My clients tell me that they love that I don't judge decisions they've made as parents and that I take into account their parenting philosophy and their child's personality. Take a look through my website or get in contact to find out how I can work with you to create a gentle and supportive plan so that you and your family can get the sleep you need. UPDATE! I now have three children - it seems than the natural sleep gene is not part of our make-up! Rebecca, based in Kent, UK but I work nationally and internationally

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Led BY the Wild

Engaging children and adults in nature-led learning, creativity and wellbeing activities, Led by the Wild, a ‘not for profit, organisation, brings together forest, farm and meadows, providing group sessions for the local community. Led by the Wild will give you the freedom and opportunity to explore your curiosities, unlock your imagination and nurture yourself in nature’s great playground.

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The Contented Child, Child Wellbeing Consultancy

The Contented Child is a Kent-based company that offers parents and professionals a wide range of training, consultancy and resources-based packages on nurturing the whole child. The Contented Child was founded by Niki Green and Kerry LeCore Simpson while both were working within the Kent Specialist Teaching and Learning Service. Sharing both a talent and passion for developing nurturing and inclusive practices within the educational, work and home environments. They now aim to transfer this passion to a wider audience. We offer specialised training for parents and schools around ASC Awareness, Behaviour/Emotional Management delivered by skilled professionals. Any queries you may have about our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Little Person Sleep Guide

Holistic Sleep Support - Guiding you towards better sleep for you and your little person. 1-1 support , taking the time to get to know you, your little person, circumstances, goals and preferences to offer bespoke advice. Sleep education founded on evidence - reassurance, understanding what’s normal and why. Working together to unpick the puzzle of your little person’s sleep, giving you the tools you need to gently improve yours and your little person’s sleep, whilst staying responsive to their needs. If you’d like to know more please get in touch or check out my website or Instagram!

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