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Lava Lamp | Medium - Orange/Blue


This item is shipped differently - please see the bottom of the product description for more information. 

Moo Loves: We remember being totally hypnotised by lava lamps, and only the very coolest kids had them. How do they work?? Actually, we don't want to know, it must just be magic.

From the maker:

"The blue and orange lava lamp is inspired by the original lava lamps which were were inspired by egg timers, it also has a classic retro look keeping with the original theme. this lava lamp makes a perfect gift and can fit into a range of rooms."

  • 14.5" tall
  • 25 watt lava lamp bulb included
  • Hand-spun metal base and cap
  • Orange wax in blue liquid
This item will be packaged and sent directly from the supplier so it will come separately to anything else you may order. For this reason this item cannot be gift wrapped or collected from one of our stores.


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