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Eco H Frame Crab Line - Moo Like a Monkey
Eco H Frame Crab Line - Moo Like a Monkey

Eco H Frame Crab Line


Children love going to the seaside as there is so much fun to be had and crabbing is a traditional pass time.

This eco-friendly H-frame crab line with a bait bag, from Yello, is a beautiful plastic-free version of the quintessential British seaside crabbing line and guarantees to keep them busy for hours.

With the Eco-Friendly H Frame Crab Line, children can enjoy the wonder of catching crabs with ease. Made of wood and jute, the long hessian cord wraps around a H-shaped wooden frame and includes a biodegradable hessian bait bag, should it accidentally fall into the water. With no dangerous hooks or sharp bits to worry about, the Yello crab line is safe and convenient for children to use and enjoy.

By simply adding a few stones and bait into the hessian bag, you'll see your kids' eyes light up as they catch their first crab and it even includes a handy crabbing guide.


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