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Kitpas for Bath | 10 Colours - Moo Like a Monkey
Kitpas for Bath | 10 Colours - Moo Like a Monkey
Kitpas for Bath | 10 Colours - Moo Like a Monkey

Kitpas for Bath | 10 Colours


These unique Kitpas can be used to draw on wet surfaces and wiped clean when done. Set of 10 Kitpas bath crayons Made of paraffin wax Non-toxic and safe for children Made in Japan


Kitpas are a leading eco brand founded in Japan 1937 as a manufacturer of dustless chalks.  In 1967 they added a factory in Bibai-shi, Hokkaido. Bibai-shi, which translates to, “beautiful shell city,” it actually had massive waste piles of scallop shells that were causing serious environmental issues. Kitpas patented a process to recycle these shell byproducts. The use of powdered shells had the additional benefit of making Kitpas Chalks stronger, smoother, and longer lasting! More than 60% of the chalks currently used by schools in Japan are Kitpas Chalks.

just when you think these chalks couldn't get more wonderful, Kitpas's philosophy is that everyone, regardless of ability can find happiness and satisfaction through their work. They have adapted manufacturing methods and work environments so they can continue to hire employees with different abilities.  70% of their employees have intellectual disabilities. 

You can feel good about using this chalk knowing the company who make them are empowering people with disabilities whilst benefiting the environment and making very decent art supplies 


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