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Organic Knitted Hand Puppet | Sloth


We at Team Moo are so happy to finally stock these incredible hand-knitted organic cotton hand puppets. Each one depicts a different animal with its own distinct character, wearing a uniquely-designed knitted jumper. Story time just got a whole lot more imaginative.

A note from the maker:

"Our hand puppets are beautifully hand-knitted in organic cotton. They are great for storytelling and entertaining small children, and they are sure to come in handy for keeping boredom at bay, they are large enough to fit most adult hands, so it is ideal for storytelling.

This small sloth moves at a glacial pace and is always late for play-dates
But you’ll want to hurry up and buy one of these adorable small hand puppets, before it is too late... for your next play-date."

It is CE certified from birth.

The stuffing is Oeko-Tex certified polyester


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