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Natural Wooden Rainbow 6 pieces

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The possibilities for play are endless with this beautiful wooden rainbow. The 6 pieces can be used in many ways - as tunnels and bridges for cars, cots for baby dolls, animal shelters or farm fences,  balanced one on top of another to make elaborate sculptures. Steiner educators, nurseries and playgroups will love how this natural toy can be used throughout the day in numerous ways.

Please note that knots, patterns and rich grain colours are part of the natural beauty of the wood and are not faults.  Each rainbow is cut from a single block of wood and you'll often see the same features continuing through the various rainbow pieces.

Children will enjoy stacking, sorting and building with this set for years to come and it will brighten up any mantelpiece or shelf when it is eventually outgrown, before being enjoyed again by the next generation.


Wood can be wiped with boiled linseed oil to rejuvenate if it’s looks dry.

-Oyuncak House

-100% natural

-Linden tree wood is used.

-Made in Turkey


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