Nipper & Co Tea | Happy Bumps
Nipper & Co Tea | Happy Bumps
Nipper & Co Tea | Happy Bumps
Nipper & Co Tea | Happy Bumps
Nipper & Co Tea | Happy Bumps

Nipper & Co Tea | Happy Bumps

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Time to get that glow with our best herbal tea for pregnancy.

This gentle herbal infusion with refreshing minty taste is 100% natural tea blend packed with glow-inducing goodness for all the happy bumping mamas. Made to help you ease nausea, refresh, and stay hydrated. 

We know that growing a baby is hard work and there’s no wine to help you for a whole 9 months + you are likely trying to reduce caffeine intake. That’s why we’ve blended peppermint, ginger and rose petals into a delicious caffeine-free blend to make the best tea for pregnancy.

HERBAL TEA FOR PREGNANT MAMAS - 100% natural infusion blended to give you a delicious cup to help you stay hydrated. 

GENTLE HERBS - A gentle nutritious blend of peppermint, ginger, rose petals and African mint that create a soothing tea to ease nausea and refresh. It is a naturally caffeine free blend to make the best tea for throughout pregnancy.

ECO FRIENDLY - Vegan and ethically sourced, premium quality whole leaf in biodegradable tea pyramids. No plastic!

INGREDIENTS: Ginger (39%), Peppermint (25%), African Mint, Rose petals (11%)

UK MADE - We're proud to be blended in the UK with no nasties, no additives or added sugar and in compostable and biodegradable packaging.

14 whole leaf pyramids in every packet, this is a naturally caffeine-free boost that’s great for pregnant mamas. You can keep using after birth, or anytime you need a refreshing cuppa and to help you stay hydrated. 

MADE BY MUMS FOR MUMS - I am a mum of 2 and know about all the joys of pregnancy. I also know how confusing it can be to be sure on what's safe to drink and eat throughout pregnancy. That is why I used all my knowledge, as MSc in Medicinal Herbs, to create this blend with herbs that have long standing tradition of use in pregnancy and are known as safe for use throughout this exciting period of your life. 

TIPS - If you ever have any concerns or use any medication it is always best to advise with your GP and midwife. 

PREPARATION: Pour freshly boiled water onto 1 tea pyramid, then infuse for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy 2-3 cups a day and store in a dry place away from strong light. To make the most out of your tea and premium quality whole leaves, try using the same pyramid 2 -3 times, just brew it a bit longer each time (just within the same day though). From week 32 check out our Raspberry Woman Herbal Tea. 


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