Nipper & Co Tea | Moon Goddess
Nipper & Co Tea | Moon Goddess
Nipper & Co Tea | Moon Goddess
Nipper & Co Tea | Moon Goddess

Nipper & Co Tea | Moon Goddess

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Herbal tea to ease PMS symptoms and bring balance to your monthly rhythm

14 whole leaf pyramids of a naturally caffeine-free soothing blend with Ladies’ Mantle, Yarrow Root and Raspberry Leaf

This 100% natural soothing herbal infusion of botanicals used for centuries to support woman's health and wellbeing is created to ease bloating, painful periods and support a healthy menstrual cycle. Perfect as everyday woman's cuppa. 

SOOTHING HERBAL BLEND- 100% natural botanicals to ease PMS symptoms and support a healthy monthly cycle, with soothing herbal taste.

POWERFUL HERBS- botanicals used for centuries to ease bloating, period cramps, and irregular periods. Each carefully selected for its powerful properties. 

INGREDIENTS: Lemongrass, Lady’s Mantle (18%), Yarrow root, Raspberry leaf (8%), Cinnamon bark, Marigold petals (1%), Cornflower.

14 whole leaf biodegradable pyramids in every packet, this is a naturally caffeine-free soothing infusion perfect support for woman's monthly cycle

MADE BY A WOMAN FOR WOMEN- I am a woman, mother and have studied the science that is magic of herbs. I used all my knowledge and long-standing tradition of herbs to create this cuppa as I have previously struggled with heavy and painful flows. I have crafted it to soothe, relax, bring calm, ease swelling and pain and bring balance to your monthly rhythm. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. 

TIPS - Menstruation is a perfect time to withdraw from outer world noises. Try using this period to connect with your inner goddess. Have your cuppa with a 10-minute meditation. Try sitting in a quiet corner, in a comfortable position, your palms facing up and eyes closed. Observe your breath going in your belly, filling it with warm soothing feeling and light. With every breath out visualise any discomfort leaving your body. 

PREPARATION: Pour freshly boiled water onto 1 tea pyramid, then infuse for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy 1-2 cups a day and store in a dry place away from strong light. You can increase to 4 cups a day 1 week before your period. To make the most out of your tea and premium quality whole leaves, try using the same pyramid 2 -3 times, just brew it a bit longer each time (just within the same day though)


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