Pop-Up Workshop For Kids

Pop-Up Workshop For Kids

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This publication shows step by step, in a fun and entertaining way, how to make your own three-dimensional works of art on paper. It's hard not to give in to the magic of pop-up books. Everyone, adults and children, we can not stop marveling each time we turn a page and suddenly something is built in three dimensions before our eyes.

"How difficult it must be to do this," thought most of us. But here is a book that shows that making your own pop ups is not as impossible as it seems. Antje von Stemm teaches us, step by step, with clear explanations, drawings, photographs and funny videos, how to build these three-dimensional works of art on paper.

The learned pop-ups can be used in self-published books, birthday cards or celebrations, or any other application that comes to mind to surprise those who least expect it, and start from the most basic to more complicated creations. With easy-to-follow explanations and enjoyable language, this book is perfect for adults who want to teach children how to experiment and play with paper, a bit of glue and scissors. It is also the perfect companion for teachers, educators and parents who can use the ideas featured in this book in their classes or as an activity for a stay at home day.

AUTHOR: Antje von Stemm is a German illustrator and author. She studied illustration in Hamburg, Germany, and paper engineering in Santa Fe, USA. She works for many creative and advertising agencies and museums and conducts workshops for adults and kids.Most of her books demand the reader to join in: she is an expert on unusual and creative handicraft.

Some of her books have been awarded distinguished prizes, such as The German Youth Literature Prize for Fraulein Pop and Mrs. Up, the LUCHS for Extrembasteln and the WhiteRaven Award from the International Youth Library (Munich, Germany) for On Our Boat to name just a few. SELLING POINTS: .

For children from eight to one hundred years old who want to experiment and play with paper, some glue and scissors. . Includes links to video tutorials so that no one gets lost in the explanations.

. The author is a renowned illustrator, author of many books that have won international awards. 300 illustrations and photographs

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