The Swallow Who Stayed
The Swallow Who Stayed
The Swallow Who Stayed
The Swallow Who Stayed
The Swallow Who Stayed
The Swallow Who Stayed

The Swallow Who Stayed

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A gorgeously illustrated story of a swallow who goes against the flock, and the wonderful friendship that emerges from her decision. For kids 3-7, The Swallow Who Stayed is a beautiful celebration of the seasons and what happens when we have the courage to be different.

Iris asked the other birds, “What happens to the forest when we leave?”

But nobody knew the answer. No swallow had ever stayed long enough to see.

It’s time for the swallows to fly South for the winter. But not for Iris, a curious swallow, who has always wondered what the winter is like and decides to stay. One by one, the leaves fall from the trees and the cold begins to settle. Soon an icy wind blows and big snowflakes tumble from the sky. Maybe staying for the winter was a mistake… Though everything changes when Iris stumbles into the home of a squirrel.

Philip Giordano’s geometric art perfectly captures the changing seasons and the different skyscapes we experience in the morning and at night as seasons change. This heartfelt story shares the incredible surprises that happen when we dare to do something different, and celebrates a friendship that lasts from winter to spring.

Phillip Giordano is an illustrator and animator whose work has been selected for the American Illustration Annual, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, 3x3 Illustration Annual, and the Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards. His illustrations have received international recognition and awards including the Silver Medal by the Society of Illustrators; the White Raven Award; and the International Illustration Prize Bologna. He lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Recommended for children aged 3-7.

Why is storytime important?

If we’re going to be all formal and official we’d say that reading stories to children is important because it fosters a love of reading and learning from a young age, which in turn can have long-lasting positive effects on their academic success and overall development. We could also say that reading with children helps develop language and literacy skills by exposing them to a rich vocabulary and proper sentence structure. We could even add that it encourages imagination and creativity as children immerse themselves in different worlds and characters.

We can say all of that and it’s true and important, but really, in our hearts and in our guts we all know that reading with children is inherently right, there is something fundamental and instinctive about it. It’s a closeness, a bonding, a moment to slow down, to take that moment when you’re not unloading the washing machine or scraping uneaten food off plates, or worrying about that upcoming meeting, when you can be present in the moment, and tell your child a story.


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