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The Tide Inside - Moo Like a Monkey
The Tide Inside - Moo Like a Monkey
The Tide Inside - Moo Like a Monkey
The Tide Inside - Moo Like a Monkey

The Tide Inside


A heart-warming picture book for all ages, The Tide Inside speaks of grief and loss in language and images that will resonate deeply with young children. It follows a range of children exploring their emotions – and encourages parents and carers to help readers to identify their own emotions as they work through the book.

Are you angry like an erupting volcano? Do your tears flow like a river? Do your questions swirl like a tornado? Do you have days of clear blue skies, or sun beams or even rainbows?

Just like the deep blue sea, our feels stretch far and wide

Up and down, back and forth, you learn to ride the tide.


“The most incredible tool for helping children understand and talk about their feelings following a bereavement.”

“Stunning illustrations, engaging rhyme and a simple concept that will encourage children to understand and share their feelings in grief.”

“Written by a parent with first-hand experience of supporting young children through their grief following a family bereavement.”

The Tide Inside supports children following a bereavement by helping them to understand the range of feelings and emotions they may be experiencing and also teaches them to let their grief out freely, in any way they feel comfortable.

Talk it, Dance it, Shout it

Just let it all come out

When feelings stay inside you,

They cause worry, pain and doubt

Recommended by parents, carers, children and bereavement counsellors alike, The Tide Inside is a special book, beautifully illustrated and written by a mother for her grieving son following the loss of his beloved Grandad.



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