We are Charlotte, Naveed, Mabel and Luna, a family living in Folkestone where our original shop is based. We also have a shop in Canterbury, so close to the cathedral we can hear the bells ring in the shop.

Our business ethos remains the same as when we first launched in 2018 - we celebrate individuality, diversity and design, all without harming the planet.

Every product we source is sustainably and ethically made. We are always mindful of the importance of representation and inclusivity in the toys and books that children have access to.

We understand that reinforcing stereotypes can limit the possibilities and interests of our children. This is why the clothes, toys and books we stock are perfect for any little individual. We’re doing our bit to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our youngest daughter had just turned one when I left my job in London to open a shop. I had no experience in retail and no clue what I was doing - the first day the shop was open I was so stressed I forgot to turn the lights on when the customers started coming in. The first year was incredible, tough, crazy and empowering.

After starting up the business and working full-time in the shop with my toddler (I know) I won the Kent Women in Business award for Mumpreneur of the year, 2019. We were chosen to be part of the Small Biz 100 in 2020, which is a list of 100 inspirational UK businesses. I also made it into the F:Entrepreneur UK top 100 female entrepreneurs.

We thought we’d lose everything when we had to close the shop during lockdown, but we worked hard, our customers supported us and now we are stronger than ever. We opened in a larger shop unit and we opened our second shop in Canterbury in 2023.

Oh my, look how we’ve grown!

The rest of the story is still being written…


We buy back clothes once you no longer need them and sell them in our Pre-Loved room in our Canterbury shop. That’s because we know the brands we stock are made to last, let us prove it… Find out more here

Perfect Gifts

Our products are carefully curated and sourced; we select brands that are high quality, ethical, environmentally sound, and that represent. Children’s minds are little sponges - let’s make what they absorb count

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing a delightful experience to our customers both in our shops and online - we hope you enjoy your time with us. We love you, we appreciate you, and we need you!