Interview with Lindsay - Co Founder of Nudnik

Interview with Lindsay  - Co Founder of Nudnik
Twin co-founders Alexandra and Lindsay Lorusso grew up in the waste management industry - their father co-owns one of Canada’s largest privately-owned companies, Wasteco - and it's working for him where they began to understand the impact we have on our planet as a result of our “throw-away” culture.  
"We're on a mission to create clothing that not only combats the growing global waste problem, but actively seeks to help solve it."  
We love this brand and the more we learn about the brand, it's ethos and the women behind it we love it even more. 
Lindsay kindly spent some time answering my questions so I could share them with you. These awesome women created this incredible brand.  I don't now about you but I could read about awesome women like this all day.  

Do you create all the designs and colourways yourself or do you work with designer? 


We create ALL designs in house! We engineered our genderless styles to fit comfortably on all bodies with room to grow. Our jumpers, for example, can be worn with pant legs rolled up and straps knotted and as the child grows the straps and pant legs can be let out. Alexandra creates all the fantastic colourways and has a background in fashion. The waste is our muse!


What is the most challenging thing about working with waste fabric? 


The challenges are also what makes Nudnik unique! We can’t guarantee 100% consistency using waste fabrics. We use only organic cotton pre-consumer textile scraps that would have otherwise gone to landfill or burned. The weights of the fabric can change slightly and we do our best to provide consistency throughout our styles. For example; with our playsuits (Disruptor Tee + Creator Playpant) we generally use jersey of a light-medium weight. 


How many of each size per colour is made on average?


Right now the type of textile waste we use with our current partner yields approximately 2x units per colourway, per size. However, we’ve brought on a new partner and unlocked tons more of the organic cotton pre-consumer textile scraps in larger volumes so soon we will be offering 5x units in each colourway in each size. 


For some context, there is enough of this pre-consumer textile waste (off/cut fabrics) generated annually by the fashion industry to give every person on earth today 6 new adult-sized t-shirts, every year. It’s astronomical and we are growing with the demand, partnering with ethical partners who not only generate the waste but also turn it into Nudnik —all under the same roof!

Do you have any plans to make adult clothes?


We do! We are expanding into a few new product categories! There is a lot of development needed to make larger garments using the scrap. Aside from this R&D currently taking place, we are launching 5 new kids styles throughout 2022 as well as a line of accessories. 

What is your favourite part of running this business?


We come from the waste business so our passions really lie in diverting these wastes from landfill and being a true example of a circular fashion company. Our favourite part is truly showcasing the versatility of waste in its raw form! Each piece of Nudnik is a story about waste and how we’ve been able to transform it into something that kids love to wear! 

What do your own kids think about the clothes?


My kids (Sebastian (18), Hunter (9) and Apollo (6) are super proud of Nudnik and are always excited to see and model new product. They give input and are my biggest champions! We need to extend our sizes though because Hunter is now beyond our size range and Apollo is not far behind. 

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