Why Nudnik?

Why Nudnik?

We love all the brands we stock. We invest in all of them, that's the point I guess. We can't expect our customers to invest in something we aren't prepared to invest in ourselves.  But Nudnik feels a little different for us,  we are the first in the UK to launch this Canadian brand and it feels as if we are a part of a change in the industry,  and we're really proud of that. Showcasing brands that are doing good, feels good. 

Since the shop opened choosing the clothes has been my favourite part of running the business. It’s taken years of trial and error to buy in a way that makes me really satisfied with the collection of brands and items we showcase.

As with any product in the shop we work with brands and companies what manufacture with the planet in mind. We don’t stock fast fashion, always great quality, long-lasting and durable pieces. 


Early last year I could see our range of clothes expanding, I was finding more brands and couldn’t help myself. We moved into a larger shop and the clothing dominated, I started feeling less comfortable; I was running an eco friendly shop, but newly manufactured clothes aren’t as good for the planet as perhaps Pre loved clothes or even no clothes at all. I decided to potentially stop selling clothing all together, but first to reduce our clothes offering. We still have plans for a buy back scheme, ( soon as I figure out a way it can run smoothly for us).


Then I found Nudnick. My favourite thing about discovering Nudnick is that I had no idea they were made from waste fabric, I just loved the aesthetic, the colourways and the thick soft playful styles of the items. The more I looked into the brand and the people behind the brand I felt I’d discovered something really amazing and was desperate to showcase it in the shop.


I quickly started trying to make an order. It was frustrating, everything I wanted was sold out days after going live. I wanted multiple items in each size, I wanted to pre order,  but they don’t work like the rest of the fashion industry, the business model is new and different, I had to re learn and do things differently.  I’m not frustrated any more, I LOVE that these are completely different.


Twin sisters Lindsay & Alex are the co founders of Nudnik, they are based in Toronto Canada. Here is a little film about the Alex and Lindsay, It’s fascinating. (The film is great, oddly, it’s sponsored by Volvo.. but a much better intro to the incredible women behind this incredible brand than me bumbling on any further)  







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