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Balancing Car - Moo Like a Monkey
Balancing Car - Moo Like a Monkey
Balancing Car - Moo Like a Monkey
Balancing Car - Moo Like a Monkey

Balancing Car


This car has a unique shape and challenging kids to balance a cylinder while pushing the car along.This toy engages with a child’s senses and helps them develop an understanding of the physical world- mass, motion, inertia, momentum, as well as helping exercise their imagination, bring stories to life.

Fine motor skills, co- ordination and much more can all be helped by this seemingly simple and artistic toy. They will roll smoothly along surfaces and last through the years.

All Minmin are handmade, there will be unique variations in each piece including color and wood grain.

MinMin Copenhagen is a family-owned business based in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark. They hand create sustainable artistic wooden toys for children and families. All of their products are produced with care, and the intention of blending the beauty of art with the power of play. 

Their products are made of durable hornbeam wood, hand painted with child-safe and environment-friendly water-based paint. Their minimal designs motivate children’s imagination to run free, with aesthetically pleasing designs that can be used as unique interior decor. They are deeply inspired by abstract art and Scandinavian minimalism, as well as comforting and calming colors. 



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