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Artist Colouring Book | Claude Monet


Big art for little hands - this new Monet Colouring Book is part of Prestel's new colouring book range.

The French artist Claude Monet loved painting his impressions. The whole art movement was even named after his style: Impressionism. Come and join him in his brightly coloured flower garden – you’ll find cheerful red poppies, deep blue irises, and dazzling yellow sunflowers. There are also some children playing by the pond and beautifully dressed grown-ups picking bunches of flowers.

This children's colouring book has plenty of space to colour outside the lines, and is also designed to give kids an early interest in some of the great art masterpieces. Sections of Monet's masterpieces are there in this children's colouring book to inspire children's creativity, whatever their age.



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