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Make Your Own | Magpie Kit - Moo Like a Monkey
Make Your Own | Magpie Kit - Moo Like a Monkey

Make Your Own | Magpie Kit


When we came across these during our latest jaunt round a trade fair scouting for new a things for the shop, they stopped us in our tracks, and we had to have them. They are kits made from the off-cuts of wool left over from Donna Wilson's jaw-droppingly beautiful studio, for you to make your very own magpie.

A note from the maker:

"We designed our Make Your Own Kits as a way of giving a new life to all the little knitted offcuts in our studio. And now we mulch up all the smaller scraps to make our super-special recycled lambswool stuffing!

 Each kit contains a pre-stitched magpie shape, recycled wool stuffing, felt bits and bobs, and step by step instructions to make your very own unique birdy friend. 

The contents of each Make Your Own Magpie Kit are unique, and the magpie pictured on the box is just one example of what you might make – let your creativity run wild!"

Suitable for age 3+

Made in the UK


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