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Migrants - Moo Like a Monkey
Migrants - Moo Like a Monkey



The Migrants are a disparate group though they are travelling, en masse, together. We watch them work and bond together, see them stop overnight, and appreciate their connection. Seeking a place of safety and hope unites the Migrants, as does their past. Wherever they have come from has forced them to leave. We know from their white round eyes, pinched mouths and weary stoops that they have experienced too much.

We watch them huddle together as they face the faceless, nameless, characterless body who holds the bag. Money? Trade? His giant stork emphasises the stretch of their journey, while the black backgrounds suggest these travellers seem to lack an existence. They’re anonymous and empty.

What will they suffer, endure? Thereafter, is their somewhere for them? All of them?

Migrants is a challenging, intelligent, wordless picture book, a commentary on the refugee situation, purpose and status.


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