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Sonshine Magazine - Men & Boys (ISSUE 21)


Issue 21: Men & Boys

The latest issue of Sonshine: packed with positive and non judgemental articles. This issue talks more about why there are so many women talking about how they are going to change things for their sons… and why there seemed to be so few men doing the same. Sonshine have found men who are truly making a difference for boys at home, in education, in football and online. They’ve also explored why fathers in society are still seen as secondary and asked why shared parental leave is so difficult to truly share and what impact that might be having on fathers and families. This issue also takes a look at how to change gender stereotyping in the classroom

PLUS Fun kids’ pages, cheesy family recipes, and our top toys and games.

What’s inside?

⚡️Men changing masculinity

⚡️Gender stereotypes in the classroom

⚡️Real football role models

⚡️How to approach peer pressure at school


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