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Marble Spinosaurus | Medium | 22mm


Add this prehistoric predictor to your collection. A bright little textured glass marble, the majority of the colour is yellow with flecks of colour which create that dinosaur skin appearance (how we would imagine it to be!).

The marble sizes given are always approximate. With machine made marbles the sizes will typically vary by up to a mm either side of the size given, so a 14mm marble could be either a 13mm or 15mm marble.

This is normal and is part of the process of making marbles as it is always going to be difficult when working with liquid glass to get an exact size.

While every effort is made to make marbles as similar as possible to one another, their differences are what make them unique and special. We believe this is why they are so treasured around the world – NO ONE will have exactly the same marble as you have! 


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