Natural Rubber Teether | Sun the Sunflower
Natural Rubber Teether | Sun the Sunflower
Natural Rubber Teether | Sun the Sunflower
Natural Rubber Teether | Sun the Sunflower
Natural Rubber Teether | Sun the Sunflower
Natural Rubber Teether | Sun the Sunflower
Natural Rubber Teether | Sun the Sunflower

Natural Rubber Teether | Sun the Sunflower

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Sun the Sunflower is a teether, bath toy & sensory play toy for babies. Sun the Sunflower will delight and stimulate babies' senses due to its middle hole in the flower’s disk. They can interact with it during bath time and discover new textures with its fingers! 

Hanger-t-1_Mesa de trabajo 1.png Easy-to-hang from a strap and take it everywhere you go!  

icon lief.pngDid you know that sunflowers look for sunlight but on cloudy days they look at each other seaking for the energy in each other? They teach us that during sad days we can count on each other!

By choosing this natural toy for babies, you are collaborating with the Butterfly Conservation organisation that fights for the preservation of butterflies. Did you know they help our planet with pollination & the flourishing of more flowers? 

Why we love this brand

100% safe toy

Zero holes, zero bacteria! These teethers are handmade in one piece with no holes, preventing the creation of mould inside. This makes them non-toxic, highly hygienic and bacteria-free! It’s completely safe for children to chew on and splash with these toys making them 100% worry-free play for littlies

Natural rubber

The designs are made from 100% natural rubber from Hevea trees. Say no to synthetic, plastic or silicone toys and choose to care for the planet! Natural rubber is flexible and soft, easy to grasp for babies, squeezable and safe to chew. Little baby gums love the texture of Hevea rubber


From the hands of skilled artisans to the tiny grasp of babies; each toy is meticulously handcrafted and hand painted, ensuring a slow and deliberate production process. Embracing the beauty of imperfections, every design is unique, with no two toys being alike

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“At Oli & Carol we offer the greenest possible toys for babies. Our goal is to introduce our community into consuming biodegradable, natural rubber, plastic-free, handcrafted toys, always following a slow production process. Made from 100% natural raw materials which enriches children's growth, education, skills and creativity from a young age.”


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