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The New Baby


Introducing a young child to the idea of a new sibling can be tricky to get right. This activity book offers parents a new way of starting a conversation with their child about the baby developing in mummy’s tummy. By doodling, colouring in and engaging with the illustrations, the older sibling is invited to think and talk about themselves, and in doing so, to think about the new baby and what life might be like when it arrives:

These are the names of some baby animals, what is your name? What do you think Baby’s name should be? Which of these people look like members of your family? How do you think Baby will look? Baby can only drink milk, but you can eat all sorts of things. What are your favourite foods? The activities are brought to life in bright, on trend, paper cut illustrations.

The first edition of this book was received to much critical acclaim and featured as one of the top 10 parenting books in The Independent, 2016. It has sold in excess of 4,000 copies.

An original, brilliant idea, in the form of a beautifully illustrated paperback picture book. — It’s All About Stories!

This book is full of super activities to do with a soon to be sibling, from colouring to drawing to making choices of clothes, food and family. A lovely way to spend time together and encourage speech and conversation about the new arrival and to allay any fears and worries. — My Shelves Are Full


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