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The Problem With Pierre - Moo Like a Monkey
The Problem With Pierre - Moo Like a Monkey

The Problem With Pierre


From the publisher:

"A fussy cat ruffles the feathers of two neighbours who couldn’t be more different...

Alan and Betram are next-door neighbours. They are also best friends. They are also very, very different to one another. Bertram is extremely neat, and Alan is wildly messy. When Bertram gets a cat, called Pierre, he is dismayed to find that Pierre prefers it at Alan’s house.

Alan tries to help his friend out – giving him his old sheepskin coat, his chipped bowl and finally, his beat up old sofa. At last, Pierre and Bertram are happy, but Alan is not – he has no company and no sofa. Fortunately, Bertram comes up with a brilliant solution to the problem...

The Problem With Pierre plays with the format of the book, the gutter acting as the dividing wall between the two neighbours’ contrasting living rooms. A twist at the end brings together form and content in a way that is sure to delight readers young and old."

CK Smouha is an established author, whose previous books include Born Bad and Sock Story.

Suzanna Hubbard is the award-winning author illustrator of The Lady Who Lived in a Car. Her distinctive style is timeless and full of warmth.


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